Blog take over! Welcome Diane Burton!

Thanks, Ty, for having me on your blog today. I enjoyed talking with you at Mid-Michigan RWA’s Retreat From Harsh Reality last spring. It’s always great to meet new (to me) writers.

In my new release, NUMBERS NEVER LIE, a romantic suspense, the main character, Maggie Sinclair, teaches high school English (or Humanities). Like Maggie, I used to teach—only I preferred the younger kids, grades 1-6. For almost 10 years before I had my own children, I taught elementary school. Later, I substituted in elementary and middle school. I discovered how much I disliked those middle school ages (grades 6-8). My daughter, on the other hand, loves that age. I admire teachers who enjoy teaching older kids. They need, and deserve, teachers who care about them.

Like Maggie. She has a great sense of humor and a deep concern for older kids, which she isn’t shy about mentioning to Drew Campbell regarding his 14-year-old daughter, Ellen. In the past year, she lost her mother (car accident) and her beloved camping leader (who moved). Double loss. Often, Drew works late and on weekends. What he hasn’t shared with anyone is that he’s leaving the law firm, where he’s a partner, to open his own office. Then, he’ll have more time.Maggie chastises him often that he has to make time for his daughter now.

Maggie’s folks took her and her brother camping often. A Girl Scout Gold Awardee, she camped often with her best friend. When that friend organized a group of young girls who wanted to camp, she immediately enlisted Maggie as her co-leader. But last summer, the friend moved away, leaving Maggie with the group. As much as she wants to camp with the girls, Maggie won’t take them alone. She needs another adult. Nobody volunteers. Until Ellen said her dad would help. Poor Drew. He has not idea what he volunteered for.

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