June Update- BIG NEWS!

Hello again, all two people who check out my blog!
I have a big announcement to make. This news is exciting and terrifying all at once. I  teased it a little on my twitter (@TylorPaige) and my facebook page (Author Tylor Paige) but I am finally ready to share: I am switching from traditional publishing to indie publishing.
What exactly does this mean? Pretty much, I am no longer querying agents in hope that I can get my book published by a publishing house. My new plan is to self publish my own books. That’s right, not just the one I have finished. ALL OF THEM.
Now, before anything else I want to say that querying has not gotten me down. AT ALL. Actually, I kind of like it. I get an exciting little rush when I finish one and push send. Its hard work and I am proud of my rejections. That was not the reason I chose to go a different way.
At the MMRWA (Mid- Michigan Romance Writers of America) retreat from harsh reality, I met a number of indie authors and I picked their brains a little. I am going to be honest here, before I joined the RWA I always kind of scoffed at self pubbing. I felt like it was the easy way out and that most books were terrible and full of so much grammar and content mistakes that I wanted nothing to do with them. Oh, how wrong I was.
Yes, many, many books out there right now are just that. Have you seen any of the #Cockygate or #Getloud stuff on twitter lately? They talk about stuffers, and other authors who are obviously not even trying, and just want the money. (I saw a book on Kindle that was titled “Pregnant with the boss’s brother in the swimming pool” or something so specific it was obnoxious, and had no thought put into it whatsoever)
But there are also so many other authors who are respected in the self published world. One of my favorite books (“Thoughtless” S.C. Stephens) was originally self published. Her books are now in barnes and nobles. That’s my ultimate goal. I want my books in stores. Until the retreat I had no idea it was possible.
They told me about different places their books are (Kindle, iBooks, Radish, Kobo) and that they do have physical copies of their books, some even in stores! So that got me thinking long and hard about my career. I want to be able to pick my own titles, my own covers, and get them to readers when I want. As great as traditional publishing is (and it really is a great thing), I don’t necessarily get those options anymore. Sure, they usually ask your opinion on them, but if they don’t like it, they change it.
That, paired with the fact that once I got an agent it could be another year to get a publisher on board, and then another year to actually have it released. I know it sounds impatient, (and I am a little) but I don’t want to play the waiting game for years. So after much, much consideration I have decided that this is the best route for me.
This was not an easy decision for me to make. I spent the last two months researching and going back and forth on it. I have queried about 60 agents, gotten responses from 20 or so. I kind of wish I hadn’t queried at all. I don’t want people to think I took the easier way out. I didn’t. In my opinion, choosing to become an indie author is way harder.
As good as having all the control is, that’s also one of the negatives. If you fail, its 100% because of you. I will have to do EVERYTHING. So with that in mind, I spent most of this last weekend making a business plan.
Well, a tentative start of a business plan to be real for a minute. But I have a goal and  am making this my second full time job. I do not have an official release date, I have to hire a professional editor still. In the meantime, I am looking at covers and all sorts of other great stuff!
I realize now that I am starting to ramble, so I am going to end with this. Thank you all for supporting me and my writing. I can’t wait to share my journey and coming soon, my book. 🙂
For now,
Tylor Paige

Omg! I have to add this because it made my day a little brighter. I just got a rejection letter from an agent who said that he liked my writing and that it was strong! (Just he wasn’t IN LOVE with it, but who cares MY WRITING IS STRONG!)