May update!

Hello everyone! I haven’t been very active at all on my website. I have been pretty busy this month but I would love to update everyone on my progress.

So, last month I started querying agents. I have sent forty queries total so far. I have heard from thirteen, all rejections. I had two that were rather positive. One told me that rockstars aren’t really selling right now, and another said they liked my writing, but wasn’t feeling the story. So if I had something else to please send it their way. The rest were standard polite rejections.

I am still super positive about my querying. I knew going into this that I would have a ton of rejections. I am not looking at it as 13 rejections, but more I have 27 people to still hear from!

On the actual writing side I have officially started my second novel. I have titled it “Promising You, Promising Me”. It is the second novel in my four book “You and Me” series.

In my first book, “Missing You, Missing Me” we meet Cleo and Ethan. We get to follow the couple as they struggle to get their happily ever after. But now, I think it’s time to let some other people get the spotlight.

My second book we get to read about Adrian, Cleo’s bandmate and best friend. After a decade of one night stands Adrian starts to crave something more.

Chase Wilson is a police officer that has been moving through life not really looking for anything in particular. He’s had a few failed relationships, but he’s never let it break his spirit. He just wants to be happy.

Who knew the person they would meet the person they were looking for while doing the walk of shame?

Here are my character inspirations! Chase is the officer on the left, and my dearest Adrian is on the right.


Anyways, this is a huge project for me for many reasons. One, I have never written a full length book from a males point of view. Two, I am also not adding any sex scenes in this story. Everything will be closed door. I want to do this because many people think gay romances have to be graphic. I want to write a sweet romance.

I am about three chapters in, since I have been doing lots of plotting as well as querying. So, with that, I am going to get right back to it. I’d like to get at least ten more queries done today. Wish me luck!

2 thoughts on “May update!

  1. Is it selfish to wish you were self-publishing so I could read your first book like, yesterday? Ah well, I will force myself to be patient. Good luck with the querying! I hope a publisher gives you great news soon!


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